Create stress free art with our
Paint by Numbers kits
For all skill levels.
Designed to make anyone an artist.

Artist Quality

Our kits, designed by artists, include premium canvas, non-toxic acrylic paint, and fine-tipped (pastel pink 😍) brushes for a seamless painting experience.

Make art, but easier

Our kits take the stress out of creating art with easy-to-follow instructions and pre-numbered sections. Worry free and uncomplicated!

Frida in the wild!

Swipe for some creative inspo.

Customer Testimonials


The most amazing picture I just can’t put in down. Very easy to see and looks amazing when finished. Cant wait for more.
Thank you Chloe πŸ’•


An addictive pastime! I’ve had other paint by numbers- and couldn’t finish it- but Paint like Frida- I’m already onto my 2nd one! Love love love it!


So therapeutic to sit down, paint, and de-stress after a long day. Numbers are easy to follow and paints & tools are great quality. Thank you!


The most mindful and relaxing activity. I bought some for a girls weekend away and we spent half the weekend on them, chatting away.
You also feel such a sense of achievement when you finish. :)

Our founder

Chloe Straw

Chloe, the founder and Director of Paint Like Frida, launched the business during the 2020 lockdown in Melbourne, right after completing her Fine Art degree and facing an uncertain future. Inspired by her sister, she dove into the idea of creating Paint by Numbers kits, spending sleepless nights brainstorming designs and collections. With a clear vision of producing high-quality kits that could proudly be displayed in any home, Chloe took a significant risk, investing all her savings into the first sample order. The exhilarating moment of receiving her first non-family order confirmed her belief in the product's potential. Today, Chloe remains deeply passionate about Paint Like Frida, cherishing every new customer and grateful for the support that allows her to pursue her creative dreams.

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